July 13, 2017

Third round: GM Julio Granda leading the way


Two rounds have been played in Faroes Open today and after the two rounds GM Julio Ernesto Granda Zuniga (2656) is now leading the way as the only player winning all his games so far in the tournament.


In his second game of the day he met GM Normunds Miezis (2447) with white and again he played very well to get another win at then end. With this win GM Julio Ernesto Granda Zuniga (2656) is now the only player in the Faroes Open with 3 points.


There are a few players following him with 2½ points after the first three rounds. Local hero FM Hans Kristian Simonsen (2180) was one of the leaders after the first two round, but in the third round he had a difficult game with black against GM Allan Stig Rasmussen (2540). However he managed to get a very good draw and is now still in contention for a top spot in this competition. His opponent of the day GM Allan Stig Rasmussen (2540) is also one of the players with 2½ points. The other players with 2½ points are GM Helgi Dam Ziska (2544), IM Srinath Narayanan (2505) and FM Rógvi Egilstoft Nielsen (2353).

Flóvin Matras Tummasarson (1235) got a very good win today with black against Jürgen Kleinert (1955).

One of the more surprising results of the day came on one of the outer tables, where young Faroese player Flóvin Matras Tummasarson (1235) won with black against Jürgen Kleinert (1955). A big result for the young guy.