July 8, 2018

Second round: Tough start for some of the favourites


Day 2 has come to an end of the Faroes Open 2018 and some of the favorites have had a tough start to this tournament. After the first two games only 1 of the top 5 rated players have won both games, which is a result of some more or less surprising games today and yesterday.


The top rated player and favorite to win this tournament GM Gawain Jones (2670) is the only one of the top five rated players with 2 points after the first two rounds. GM Gawain Jones (2670) played with black against Vladimir Jotic (2387) today and it turned out to be a very even game. However Vladimir Jotic (2387) made a big mistake playing 31. Qc6 giving GM Gawain Jones (2670) the winning advantage with the next move.


The other four of the five top rated players have all had tough games either yesterday or today. Last years’ champions GM Srinath Narayanan (2549) only managed to get a draw in the first round – he won today against Flóvin M. Tummasarson (1237) – IM Maxim Vavulin (2552) lost today against IM Martin Haubro (2373), GM Vitaly Kunin (2538) drew against IM John Rødgaard (2319), while GM Helgi Dam Ziska (2552) drew against another local hero FM Rógvi E. Nielsen (2337).


5 players leading the way

FM Høgni Egilstoft Nielsen (2397) have won both of his first two games as the only Faroese player.

Even if there have been some surprises among the highest rated players there are still a couple few players, that have won both of their games so far together with GM Gawain Jones (2670). The two players from Israel GM Alon Greenfeld (2496) and IM Eylon Lakar (2462) have both two points. So does local hero FM Høgni Egilstoft Nielsen (2397) and IM Martin Haubro (2373), who got a great win today GM Maxin Vavulin (2337).


You can see today’s games here and here.


You can see the results from today here and you can see the standings here.


The players will start again tomorrow, Monday, at 10 pm. There will be played two rounds tomorrow with the 4th round starting at 5 pm.