July 9, 2018

Fourth round: Three players leading the way


The second round of the day and the fourth round of the tournament is just finished. Before tonight’s games there were 8 players even at the top, but after the games tonight there are now only three players leading the way, and let’s just say, that there is no surprise that these once are at top.


GM Gawain Jones (2670) met GM Alon Greenfeld (2496) with the latter having white. It was a very even game for a long time, but a mistake from GM Alon Greenfeld (2496) playing 50. Ke1 was crucially punished by GM Gawain Jones (2670).

GM Alon Greenfeld (2496) lost against favorite GM Gawain Jones (2670) today


The winner last year GM Srinath Narayanan (2549) didn’t get the best of starts in this tournament, but he has really found the way back to the top. Today he met one of the local Faroese hopes FM Høgni E. Nielsen (2397). GM Narayanan (2549) won a small advantage early in the game and he managed to keep the pressure on FM Nielsen (2397) most of the way ending with a win.

GM Srinath Narayanan (2549) is back among the leaders after three wins in a row.


The biggest Faroese hope GM Helgi Dam Ziska (2552) met another Faroese IM John Rødgaard (2319) tonight. GM Ziska (2552) smashed IM Haubro (2373) in the first game of the day, and this ended up being a really good day for GM Ziska (2552). He was accurate all the way against IM Rødgaard (2319) and punished his mistakes towards the win.

GM Helgi Dam Ziska (2552) won both his games today.

Otherwise there weren’t any big surprises in the results tonight.


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