July 7, 2018

First round: Raining champion starts off with a draw


Earlier today 36 players finally sat down for the first round of this years’ Faroes Open. Among the favourites were the top rated englishman GM Gawain Jones (2670), GM Maxim Vavulin (2552) from Russia, GM Vitaly Kunin (2538) from Germany, GM Alon Greenfeld (2496) from Israel, last years’ champion of the Faroes Open GM Srinath Narayanan (2549) from India and the local hero GM Helgi Dam Ziska (2552).


As this was the first round of the Faroes Open, there were clear favourites on every table. And most of the favourites got off to a good start with a win. However there were a couple of surprising results. Last years’ winner GM Srinath Narayanan (2549) didn’t get off to the best start, when he only managed to get a draw against Sergio Esteve Sanchez (1994) from Spain.


Faroese youngsters with surprising results

There was also a couple of other surprises in the first round – two to be exact – and both came from young players from Klaksvík. Flóvin M. Tummasarson (1237) got a draw with white against Ellen Fredericia Nilssen (2152). This was a big surprise, but the biggest surprise came from Einar Gregersen (1665) with black against GM Jens Kristiansen (2380). A huge win from the young Faroese player.


You can see the games here and here.


And you can see the results here and the standings here.